DOT Examination

Dr. Dennis C. Schoen performs DOT physicals (NRCME certified/registered). Our office location is convenient for those living in Charlotte, Matthews, Mint Hill and Indian Trail NC. DOT physical examination cost: $75.00

The Federal Motor Carriers Safety Adminisrtration (FMCSA) requires all commercial drivers(CDL) to pass a DOT physical examination every two years. Only certain health care professionals are allowed to to conductThe DOT examination is utilized to certify that drivers do not have any physical, mental, or organic defect of such nature that may affect the drivers ability to safely operate a commercial motor vehicle. A DOT examination includes a complete history and examination, vision and hearing testing and urine dip for specific gravity, protein and glucose. Upon completion of the examination you will be given two copies of the medical examiners certificate, one for youself and one for your employer. 


  • If you are diabetic bring a list of your medications & blood sugar results or hemoglobin A1C1 results.
  • Heart condition: if you had a heart attack or have cardiovascular disease bring a copy of your last stress test and a list of all medications.
  • High blood pressure: Bring a list of all medications with names of the doctor prescribing them. The week before your physical cut back on coffee, soda, energy drinks. reduce salt & nicotene intake. Remember to take your medications! Doing all of this may help lower your blood pressure reading.
  • Bring a list of all your medications taken with prescribing doctors name.
  • Sleep apnea: Bring a copy of your sleep apnea test results if you have them.
  • Bring your eye glasses!
  • Drink water the day of the exam. Come with the need to pee!

To save yourself time, please fill out number one and two of the DOT examination form(click here) prior to your visit. If you cannot download this form don't wory, we have them at our office.

DOT physical exams for: $75.00





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